Joomla Seo Important

The first step in activating the features of Joomla SEA for each site is the default Joomlast settings. If your site is Farsi and your links are Persian, it's best to use Joomla's general settings after activating the following options: Enable Persian:

After activating the features of Joomla SEO, remember that you do not commit the following mistakes.

There are many software and plugins for Joomla SEO, some of which are free and some are commercial. If we want to categorize these software in the first place, we can consider two categories: 1. Software that optimizes the site. 2 - Software that optimizes the site and corrects your links.

Many SEO friends believe that they do not care about the site with or without www, but the experience has proven that it is much more active and a positive affair for you. Importantly, after activating, you should not open the site with a non-www address, but you must pass any address to www, for this you can enter the following code in the .htaccess file.

What's important is that Google does not recognize a range of domains for content. This story becomes problematic when Google recognizes one as the main domain and the rest is copyrighted, which is very dangerous for you. So it's better to go back to the domain of your domain rather than park it

The .htaccess file has a great effect on the SEO, you can make a lot of use of this file, for example, you can multiply your website speed by adding a series of code that we'll give you more. This will help your browser to know what time it takes to save files.

If you like the search engines to display the images inside your site in your results, you can specify the alt and title tag for search engines for images, sex, and content for your images.

If you would like Google to access your hidden pages, it's best to create a Sitemap for your website and submit it to Google through Google. If you do not sign up for the Sitemap, Google will automatically map for your site. It produces something that is not suitable at all, and sometimes makes mistakes, and makes useless links at the top of the search. So Google will guide your Sitemap site. There are many sites that make sitemap for you, but if you like to create your sitemap, install the Xmap Component and set up the best sitemap for you. Xmap is a free component that you can download from the Joomla extensions site.

The blog or news page is the best page to keep the site alive, the search engines make these pages important, you can generate feeds to the search engines by creating these pages.

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