After the decision of a company or individual to create a site, three issues should be solved so that the site is significant on the Internet.

One of the factors in ranking pages related to an issue is by the web search engine (URL) web pages that if users enter that address in their browser's address bar or through another page called the so-called The link can be entered into that page.

Traffic to visitors who submit search engines like Google to our site is in fact one of the opportunities we can use in our business or work to increase revenue and product sales. But do you think what happens if these visitors do not log into our site for only 1 month through the search engines? Does this mean a failure to continue working and reach the main goal of our hypothetical site?

Color is like body food and the presence of colors in the world around us is necessary for the health of our body and soul. Research shows that the full spectrum of sunlight, which contains all the colors, is essential for secretion of the body's hormones from the internal glands of the body.

Today I turned around in a notebook that I encountered a website that wrote 28 points for web designers that was very interesting and practical, I translated a broken word to use friends, if it was not a bug or a good translation, please read it to continue. Go to the post.

To improve a good way to a website, you have to follow the steps that we look at as key points to the ones that they may have done most often without knowing it , but collecting them to The face of a place helps to always be respected:

Do you run away from your site viewers?

Have you ever wondered why you did not have a beautiful site that you designed so much that you did not have a visitor? Well, maybe your site design is difficult ... What? Do you hit Do not be too sad. Because we are reviewing your site's defects now. These mistakes make your naughty visitors amazed, and eventually they forget about the name of your site (you too are sensitive!)

Have you used the best color for your website? When selecting colors at design time, you should consider the following points:

Now having an Internet station has become an epidemic, and at least every user likes to have a corner on the Internet in its entirety. Offices and offices are now in place. Many domains and affiliates are currently in various ministries. They have started creating dedicated stations on the Internet, which is a blessing. But in the design of the stations, attention should be paid to the visibility of different users from these stations, their first and last visit. The designers of these stations must refrain from doing some work, some of which are

In order to get better results in implementing web pages and web sites, planning and planning must be done before creating any page. The "Web site" is a collection of documents linking to each other with common characteristics, such as related topics, plans or goals. Before you start thinking about creating a web site, you need to start using a customized program to ensure that the site is successful.

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